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  • Alex Greer
    M.S. and B.A. '15 - Experience in quick response fieldwork, teaching emergency management.
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  • Andrew Haines
    MPA '03 – An accomplished local governmental leader and elected official.
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  • Chunjing Liu
    M.S. '14 – On the front lines of marine disaster mitigation through effective policy planning in China.
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  • Cimone Philpotts
    MPA '13 - Experience in assistantships and Legislative Fellows supports career growth assisting legislators.
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  • Gwen Angalet
    Ph.D. '00 - Ensuring programmatic and research opportunities for the promotion of children's health.
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  • Hira Rashid
    M.A. '15 – Fulbright scholar now in the Ph.D. program studying global health economics and urbanization.
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  • Hsien-Ho (Ray) Chang
    Ph.D. '15 - Utilizing his knowledge of disaster science to educate students on fire and emergency management.
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  • James B. Goetschius
    Ph.D. '14 - Serves in the U.S. Army improving health care facilities in the eastern United States.
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  • Jenna Bucsak
    B.A. and MPA '14 - Provides support for legislative and external affairs.
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  • John Carney
    MPA '86 – Newly elected Governor of the State of Delaware
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  • Kelsey Edmond
    M.S. '14 - OCL program prepared her for success in the MPA program in pursuit of an interdisciplinary career.
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  • Lindsey Interlante
    MPA '07 - Advocates for enriched, hands-on learning experiences at higher education institutions.
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  • Mark Rucci
    B.A. and MPA '15 – Continuing his public policy education internationally.
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  • Meredith Rubin
    B.A. '11 - Practicing leadership and collaboration in the financial services sector.
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  • Paige Gugerty
    B.A. '15 - Coordinating electronic connections bewteen healthcare providers and resources.
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  • Paul Ruiz
    B.A. and M.A. '13 - Advocating for alternative fuels and reducing America's depencdence on oil.
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  • Stephanie Ottino
    B.S. '11 - Executing leadership skills in higher education.
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  • Tom DeWire
    MPA '04 - Developing strategies for education systems to improve student achievement.
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  • Yuliya Brel
    M.A. '15 - Continuing her public policy education and assisting with research at the University of Delaware.
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  • Megan Wakelee
    B.S. '11 - Executing leadership in a corporate setting.
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  • Zack Adinoff
    M.S. '13 - Experience in coordinating public safety, logistics, planning, and general disaster continuity.
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  • Jissell Martinez
    MPA '10 - Manages fiscal affairs and serves as a liaison for the Dept of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
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  • Scott Beale
    MPA '07 - Successful nonprofit entrepreneur with experience in diplomacy and national politics.
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  • Matthew Garlipp
    B.A. '13 - Measuring perfomance and running analyses for a federal government agency.
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  • Merritt Burke IV
    MPA '98 - Various experiences in town management and community involvement.
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  • Ryan Burke
    Ph.D. '15 - Vast experience with military strategy and conducting military research.
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  • Allison Becker
    B.A. '13 and M.A. '15 - Experienced and published media policy researcher.
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  • Serita Porter
    M.A. '15 - Continuing her behavioral health education at the University of Delaware.
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  • Kirsten Jones
    M.A. '16 - Contributing to policies that strengthen transportation and trade in New York and New Jersey.e
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  • Elizabeth Burland
    M.A. '15 - Studying for a doctoral degree in Sociology and Public Policy at the University of Michigan.
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  • Elizabeth Lockman
    M.A. '15 - Education policy and equity in the urban landscape; improving advocacy efforts in Wilmington.
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  • Thomas Martin
    Ph.D. '14 - Directing the M.S. in Health Informatics program in the College of Public Health at Temple Univ.
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  • Angela Gladwell
    M.A. ’98 – Instrumental in environmental planning and federal emergency management decision making.
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  • Mark D. Stevens
    MPA '09 – Integral in the leadership and financial management of federal agencies.
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  • Courtney Mogavero
    B.S. '12 – Translating leadership education into a successful early career path in major tech corporations.
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  • Melanie Ross Levin
    B.A. and MPA '05 – Developing education and advocacy campaigns on public policy relating to women's issues.
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  • Dená Brummer
    MPA '05 – Successful private sector business partner drawing upon public sector experiences.
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  • Eric Johnson
    Ph.D. '03 – Revitalizing a community through the application of theory and practical experience.
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  • David Rudder
    Ph.D. '03 – Practicing effective leadership to academic programs that promote service to the community.
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  • Erin Kennedy
    MPA '06 – Drives health care organizations towards improving quality of patient care and clinical outcomes.
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  • Tom Friedman
    MPA '07 – Manages government relations, strategic & financial plan, and policy analysis for State Health Plan.
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  • Mike Morton
    MPA '86 – Oversees budgetary analysis and legislative information systems for the Delaware General Assembly.
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  • Jonathan Kirch
    MPA '07 – Advocating for public policy that promotes better health for all Americans.
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  • Albert Shields
    MPA '07 – Developing strategies to best communicate Governor Carney's positions on diverse policy issues.
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  • Kim Gomes
    MPA '04 – Strategically lobbying for client interests on a number of policy issues.
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  • Erika Farris
    M.A. '09 – Developing policies to better manage water drainage and promote environmental sustainability.
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  • Mike Fortner
    MPA '02 – Overseeing city planning for housing, land use, economic development, and transportation.
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  • Emily Gonce
    MPA '02 – Leading lobbying efforts to show members of Congress the value of life insurance to constituents.
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  • Bill Clark
    MPA '03 – Supervising a team of consultants to support projects for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
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  • Anastasia Kuzmina
    MPA '02 – Supporting two general managers with product and employee management in 14 countries.
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  • Barrett Edwards
    MPA '06 – Assisting municipalities with legal issues including planning, human resources, and finance.
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Minor — Organizational & Community Leadership

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​The minor in Organizational and Community Leadership requires 18 credit hours distributed as follows:  all core courses listed below (9 credits) and three additional courses of restricted electives (9 credits).  Three credits of the restricted electives must be a COMM course.  The remaining 6 credits must be selected from outside the student’s major field of study. All courses included in the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Curriculum for the Leadership Minor

9 Credits of Core Courses

LEAD100Leadership, Integrity and change3 credits


LEAD​101Global Contexts for Leadership​3 credits

LEAD200The Leadership Challenge3 credits

LEAD300Leadership, Creativity and Innovation3 credits

9 credits of Restricted Electives

1COMM restricted elective (see list below)      
3 credits
2Restricted electives (from list below)
6 credits

One 3-credit COMM course

Choose from the following list, or any COMM course with prior approval of the advisor.

COMM 212   Oral Communication in Business
COMM 256   Principles of Communication Theory
COMM 330   Communication and Interpersonal Behavior
COMM 341   Theories of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 417   Communication and the Management of Conflict
COMM 442   Topics in Organizational Communication
COMM 456   Communication in Organizations

Restricted Electives

6 credits of Restricted Electives 

Choose from the following list, or any course with the prior approval of the advisor. Courses must be selected from outside the student’s major field of study. 

AFSC 310   Leadership Studies I
AFSC 311   Leadership Studies II

APEC 100   Sustainable Development

BHAN 261   Leadership in Leisure and Sports Management
BHAN 371   Outdoor Adventure Leadership
BHAN 381   Adventure Challenge Education

FASH 325   Multimedia Fashion Presentations

HDFS 438   Leadership Development and Human Sexuality

HIST 220   American Civil Rights Movement
HIST 313   The United States, 1877 - 1914

LEAD 209   Presentation Strategies
LEAD 341   Decision-Making and Leadership
LEAD 400   Leadership for the Common Good
LEAD 404   Leadership in Organizations
LEAD 411   Topics in Leadership Dynamics

MLSC 105/106   Introduction to Leadership I and II
MLSC 205/206   Basic Leadership I and II         
MLSC 305/306   Applied Leadership I and II
MLSC 405/406   Advanced Leadership I and II

PHIL   200   Business Ethics
PHIL   202   Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL   203   Ethics

POSC 320   Parties and Interest Group
POSC 407   American Presidency

PSYC 303   Introduction to Social Psychology

SOCI  213   Men and Women in American Society
SOCI  312   Theories of Society
SOCI  327   Sociology of Organizations
SOCI  361   Racial Inequality
SOCI  417   Sex Crimes and Punishments

UAPP 110   Changing the World and Public Policy
UAPP 211   Introduction to Public Health
UAPP 225   Crafting Public Policy
UAPP 325   Public Policy Analysis
UAPP 333   Research Methods for Policy Analysis
UAPP 334   Financial Management Public & Nonprofit
UAPP 401   Public Policy
UAPP 407   Community Dev. and Non-profit Leadership
UAPP 408   Poverty, Neighborhoods and Community Dev
UAPP 439   Community Dev Theory, Concepts and Practice
UAPP 441   Topics in Nonprofit Management and Leadership
UAPP 448   Environmental Ethics
UAPP 472   Nonprofit Org: Scope, Frameworks and Dynamics
UAPP 473   Governing Nonprofit Organizations
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Minor in Organizational & Community Leadership
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Minor in Organizational & Community Leadership at the University of Delaware to broaden your career opportunities as a supplement to your major.
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