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  • Alex Greer
    Alex Greer
    M.S. and B.A. '15 - Experience in quick response fieldwork, teaching emergency management.
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  • Andrew Haines
    Andrew Haines
    MPA '03 – An accomplished local governmental leader and elected official.
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  • Chunjing Liu
    Chunjing Liu
    M.S. '14 – On the front lines of marine disaster mitigation through effective policy planning in China.
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  • Cimone Philpotts
    Cimone Philpotts
    MPA '13 - Assistantship and Legislative Fellows experiences enrich doctoral student's blossoming career
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  • Gwen Angalet
    Gwen Angalet
    Ph.D. '00 - Ensuring programmatic and research opportunities for the promotion of children's health.
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  • Hira Rashid
    Hira Rashid
    M.A. '15 – Fulbright scholar now in the Ph.D. program studying global health economics and urbanization.
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  • Hsien-Ho (Ray) Chang
    Hsien-Ho (Ray) Chang
    Ph.D. '15 - Utilizing his knowledge of disaster science to educate students on fire and emergency management.
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  • James B. Goetschius
    James B. Goetschius
    Ph.D. '14 - Serves in the U.S. Army improving health care facilities in the eastern United States.
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  • Jenna Ahner
    Jenna Ahner
    B.A. and MPA '14 - Provides support for legislative and external affairs.
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  • John Carney
    John Carney
    MPA '86 – Newly elected Governor of the State of Delaware
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  • Kelsey Edmond
    Kelsey Edmond
    M.S. '14 - OCL program prepared her for success in the MPA program in pursuit of an interdisciplinary career.
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  • Lindsey Interlante
    Lindsey Interlante
    MPA '07 - Advocates for enriched, hands-on learning experiences at higher education institutions.
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  • Mark Rucci
    Mark Rucci
    B.A. and MPA '15 – Continuing his public policy education internationally.
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  • Meredith Rubin
    Meredith Rubin
    B.A. '11 - Practicing leadership and collaboration in the financial services sector.
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  • Paige Gugerty
    Paige Gugerty
    B.A. '15 - Coordinating electronic connections bewteen healthcare providers and resources.
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  • Paul Ruiz
    Paul Ruiz
    B.A. and M.A. '13 - Advocating for alternative fuels and reducing America's depencdence on oil.
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  • Stephanie Ottino
    Stephanie Ottino
    B.S. '11 - Executing leadership skills in higher education.
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  • Tom DeWire
    Tom DeWire
    MPA '04 - Developing strategies for education systems to improve student achievement.
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  • Yuliya Brel
    Yuliya Brel
    M.A. '15 - Continuing her public policy education and assisting with research at the University of Delaware.
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  • Megan Wakelee
    Megan Wakelee
    B.S. '11 - Executing leadership in a corporate setting.
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  • Zack Adinoff
    Zack Adinoff
    M.S. '13 - Experience in coordinating public safety, logistics, planning, and general disaster continuity.
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  • Jissell Martinez
    Jissell Martinez
    MPA '10 - Manages fiscal affairs and serves as a liaison for the Dept of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
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  • Scott Beale
    Scott Beale
    MPA '07 - Successful nonprofit entrepreneur with experience in diplomacy and national politics.
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  • Matthew Garlipp
    Matthew Garlipp
    B.A. '13 - Enabling federal transparency and accountability via open, accessible, and standardized budget data
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  • Merritt Burke IV
    Merritt Burke IV
    MPA '98 - Various experiences in town management and community involvement.
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  • Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke
    Ph.D. '15 - Vast experience with military strategy and conducting military research.
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  • Allison Becker
    Allison Becker
    B.A. '13 and M.A. '15 - Experienced and published media policy researcher.
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  • Serita Porter
    Serita Porter
    M.A. '15 - Continuing her behavioral health education at the University of Delaware.
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  • Kirsten Jones
    Kirsten Jones
    M.A. '16 - Contributing to policies that strengthen transportation and trade in New York and New Jersey.
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  • Elizabeth Burland
    Elizabeth Burland
    M.A. '15 - Studying for a doctoral degree in Sociology and Public Policy at the University of Michigan.
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  • Elizabeth Lockman
    Elizabeth Lockman
    M.A. '15 - Delaware state senator with roots in advocacy.
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  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin
    Ph.D. '14 - Directing the M.S. in Health Informatics program in the College of Public Health at Temple Univ.
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  • Savannah Edwards
    Savannah Edwards
    MPA '17 - Planning for sustainable and complete communities in Delaware and Maryland.
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  • Scott Murphy Eisenhart
    Scott Murphy Eisenhart
    MPA '17 - Legislative aide credits SPPA experience for helping him excel in the world of politics and policy.
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  • Taylor Hawk
    Taylor Hawk
    MPA '17 - Graduate's policy analysis and research aims to improve education funding.
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  • Evan Miller
    Evan Miller
    MPA '17 - Local Government Management Fellowship kickstarts graduate's professional career
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  • Natasha R. Nau
    Natasha R. Nau
    MPA '12 - Advocating for efficient resource allocation and streamlined service delivery in local government.
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  • Jeremy Rothwell
    Jeremy Rothwell
    M.A. '14, HP Cert '15 - Technical review of all city site-plans, subdivision and building permit applications.
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  • Mark D. Stevens
    Mark D. Stevens
    MPA '09 – Integral in the leadership and financial management of federal agencies.
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  • Angela Gladwell
    Angela Gladwell
    M.A. ’98 – Instrumental in environmental planning and federal emergency management decision making.
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  • Courtney Mogavero
    Courtney Mogavero
    B.S. '12 – Translating leadership education into a successful early career path in major tech corporations.
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  • Janet Sheridan
    Janet Sheridan
    M.A. '07 - Providing heritage preservation services, and cultural landscape research in southern New Jersey.
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  • Melanie Ross Levin
    Melanie Ross Levin
    B.A. and MPA '05 – Developing education and advocacy campaigns on public policy relating to women's issues.
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  • Dená Brummer
    Dená Brummer
    MPA '05 – Successful private sector business partner drawing upon public sector experiences.
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  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson
    Ph.D. '03 – Revitalizing a community through the application of theory and practical experience.
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  • David Rudder
    David Rudder
    Ph.D. '03 – Practicing effective leadership to academic programs that promote service to the community.
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  • Erin Kennedy
    Erin Kennedy
    MPA '06 – Drives health care organizations towards improving quality of patient care and clinical outcomes.
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  • Tom Friedman
    Tom Friedman
    MPA '07 – Manages government relations, strategic & financial plan, and policy analysis for State Health Plan.
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  • Mike Morton
    Mike Morton
    MPA '86 – Oversees budgetary analysis and legislative information systems for the Delaware General Assembly.
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  • Jonathan Kirch
    Jonathan Kirch
    MPA '07 – Advocating for public policy that promotes better health for all Americans.
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  • Albert Shields
    Albert Shields
    MPA '07 – Developing strategies to best communicate Governor Carney's positions on diverse policy issues.
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  • Kim Gomes
    Kim Gomes
    MPA '04 – Strategically lobbying for client interests on a number of policy issues.
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  • Erika Farris
    Erika Farris
    M.A. '09 – Developing policies to better manage water drainage and promote environmental sustainability.
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  • Mike Fortner
    Mike Fortner
    MPA '02 – Overseeing city planning for housing, land use, economic development, and transportation.
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  • Emily Gonce
    Emily Gonce
    MPA '02 – Leading lobbying efforts to show members of Congress the value of life insurance to constituents.
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  • Bill Clark
    Bill Clark
    MPA '03 – Supervising a team of consultants to support projects for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
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  • Anastasia Kuzmina
    Anastasia Kuzmina
    MPA '02 – Supporting two general managers with product and employee management in 14 countries.
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  • Barrett Edwards
    Barrett Edwards
    MPA '06 – Assisting municipalities with legal issues including planning, human resources, and finance.
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Job Opportunities Job Opportunities

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Visiting Assistant Professor in Public Administration at Appalachian State University<p>​The Department of Government and Justice Studies at Appalachian State University invites applications for a one- to two-year faculty position in Public Administration. Areas of interest are open, however, successful candidates must contribute to the core curriculum of the Master of Public Administration program.  A Ph.D. in Public Administration or a related discipline is preferred at the time of appointment, but ABDs will also be considered.  The teaching load is 3 courses per semester for faculty with an active research agenda.  The committee will begin reviewing applications immediately and continue until the position is filled.</p>12
ICMA Local Government Management Fellowship, ICMA (Nationwide)<p>​The <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">International City/County Management Association</a>’s (ICMA) <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">Local Government Management Fellowship</a> (LGMF) is a highly competitive career-development opportunity that places fellows in full-time, paid local government management-track positions shaped by rotational assignments and direct mentoring under senior government leaders. Fellows assume real responsibility, thrive in an environment that recognizes potential, and gain unique exposure to local government. Fellowships are available in local governments nationwide.</p><p><strong>Students graduating with MPA/MPP degrees from NASPAA-member schools (like UD) may apply for the LGMF program.</strong> Candidates are selected nationwide on the basis of their academic performance, demonstrated leadership potential, commitment to public service, communication skills, initiative, creativity, and positive attitude.<br></p>50
Fiscal & Policy Analyst, Legislative Analyst's Office (Sacramento, California)<p>The office does the following three main types of work for the Legislature:</p><p>• Analyzes the Governor’s annual budget proposal, testifiesat legislative hearings, and conducts legislative oversightthroughout the year.</p><p>• Responds to requests from Members of the California Legislature on programs and finances.</p><p>• Produces independent, self-generated reports to assist theLegislature in addressing the major fiscal and policy issues facing California.</p><p>Each year the office hires six to eight FPAs.</p><p><strong>Fiscal and Policy Analyst</strong>: The FPAs are the office’s experts in aspecific policy area. Each analyst has their own policy portfolioand is assigned to one of the four following sections: Stateand Local Finance; Education; Health and Human Services; orCorrections, Transportation, and Environment.</p>61
Research Associate - Fixed Term, Dean's Research Associate Development Institute, Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan)<p>​The College of Social Science (CSS) seeks Research Associates that will participate in a CSS Dean's Research Associate Development Institute, with the goal of possibly transitioning into tenure-system positions at Michigan State University.</p>62
Local Government Management Fellow, ICMA (Nationwide Opportunities)<p>​The Local Government Management Fellowship (LGMF) program is a highly competitive, career-development opportunity designed to generate interest in local government careers among master’s program graduates and career-changers. The application process is now open for both student applications and interested hosts. Students can find out more about the programm by visiting <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""></a>.<br></p>64
2019 Leadership Fellow Program, The Port Authority of NY & NJ (New York and New Jersey)<p>The Port Authority of NY & NJ is looking for career-minded individuals with a passion and commitment to public service to join our distinguished rotational program for graduate students who expect to receive their degree in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019. This is your chance to join the Port Authority as we connect the region in new ways for generations to come.</p><p>If you have ever flown out of JFK, biked across the George Washington Bridge, or captured that perfect picture of the World Trade Center, then you have witnessed just some of what the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey does. We run some of the busiest and most critical transportation facilities in New York-New Jersey metropolitan region. It takes a dedicated team of over a thousand men and women to operate these facilities safely, efficiently, and with a high standard of customer service. Our nearly 8,000 employees are committed to the work they do – work that moves millions of people and supports billions of dollars in economic activity each year.  </p><p><strong>How To Apply</strong></p><p>Visit the <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>original posting</strong></a> on the Port Authority website.</p>65
Cookingham-Noll Management Fellowship, City of Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri)<p>​The Cookingham-Noll Management Fellowship is a 2-year, full-time, paid position with the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Our program offers a top-tier professional development and career opportunity in local government. With the fellowship comes challenge and excitement, as well as a host of work-life benefits that are hard to match. This unique experience offers recent graduates of Public Administration (or related) Master’s programs a “360-degree tour of the city" and includes rotations in the City's Office of Performance Management, the Office of Management and Budget, and other departments of their choice. Fellows will also attend and participate in several meetings each week with the City Manager and other City leadership throughout their time as a fellow. For more information about specifics of the program, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. To apply, visit <a href=""></a>.</p>66
Director of External Affairs & Policy, Delaware Healthcare Association (Dover, Delaware)<p>Review and analyze regulations, legislation and health policy issues; provide staff support to Delaware Healthcare Association membership constituency committees; develop formal correspondence to members on related technical issues; attend pertinent meetings; and prepare articles for newsletters.  Manage various projects centered around association initiatives.</p><p>Operationalize Strategic Communications plan including social media plan. For more information, visit the Delaware Healthcare Association's <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>official job posting</strong></a>. To apply, resume and cover letters may be sent to<strong> </strong><a href=""><strong></strong></a></p>67
Economic Development Manager, Cornerstone West CDC (Wilmington, Delaware)<p>​The Economic Development Manager will be responsible for coordinating Cornerstone's commercial district revitalization program. The Economic Development Manager will promote the development of safe, attractive, and vibrant business districts in the West Side through supporting the West Side Business Alliance, leading marketing and promotions efforts, organizing events, and coordinating internal and external partners to bring about streetscape improvements. The Economic Development Manager reports to Cornerstone's Director and is a full-time, exempt position.</p>69
Urban Agriculture Coordinator, New Castle Conservation District (Newark, Delaware)<p>NCCD is seeking an Urban Agriculture Coordinator to provide educational programming for adults learning to grow their own food in urban environments and provide technical assistance to home growers, community gardeners, & urban farmers. The UAC will also develop NCCD's online presence and YouTube channel.</p><p>This is a two-year, full time position with benefits and the possibility for extension.</p>70

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