Research Assistantships


The Delaware Model at work

Research Assistantships - UD StudentsA component of your experience as an M.A. student in the School of Public Policy and Administration is your Research Assistantship.

Students gain real world professional experience while earning their degree. For instance:

  • While studying media policy you could be analyzing crime coverage on local television news
  • While studying community development, you could be asked to evaluate a community center’s homeownership program.
  • While studying environmental planning, you could be working on a proposal to minimize the impacts of poultry plants on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
  • While studying architectural preservation you could be mapping the Underground Railroad

Research assistants work in tandem with faculty and staff on applied research and public service projects to collect and analyze information, evaluate policies, develop management systems, plan for future needs, train community leaders, and support the activities of the School and College. These community partnerships are what makes the Delaware experience unique.

Your area of focus, research center affiliation, availability of funds and status of ongoing projects can determine your assistantship.