Research and Service Centers

Affiliated research centers

The School of Public Policy and Administration is affiliated with the following research centers.

Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research (CADSR)

Center for Community Research and Service (CCRS)
Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS)
Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD)
Delaware Education Research and Development Center (DERDC)

Disaster Research Center
Health Services Policy Research Group (HSPRG) (part of CCRS)
Institute for Public Administration (IPA)


The School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy carries out vital funded research important to our community, state, nation and world.Relationship to the academic program

The affiliated research and public service centers are closely linked to the academic programs of the School of  Public Policy and Administration. Carrying out vital funded research, centers explore issues important to our community, state, nation and the world.

Relationship to the research assistantship

As a research assistant you may find yourself working in one of the dynamic research centers, or you may be placed in the community while supervised by research center personnel. Your research assistantship is determined by available funded projects, your interests, specialization, concentration, or desired employment experience.

Faculty research and service

Check out the faculty directory for a list of the School's faculty members and their research.

Student research and service

Our talented students are encouraged to actively contribute to current and timely applied research within their fields of study. Check out recent research and publications by SPPA students.