Ph.D. degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy


Program Description

Ph.D. Degree in Urban Affairs and Public PolicyThe Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy is an interdisciplinary,  research-oriented degree that focuses on analysis of the critical policy challenges of our times.  Our program prepares scholars to create useable knowledge to inform decision making, and to positively impact the quality of life in communities at all scales, from cities to nations.  Our doctoral students work alongside our faculty to create new knowledge that expands the possibilities for community enhancement and policy improvement across our nation and our world.

The challenges of our times are not neatly bundled in disciplinary packages as political, economic, or sociological problems. Our doctoral program prepares scholars to approach these multifaceted challenges from creative vantage points, reflecting diverse perspectives that transcend disciplinary views and reflect the highest standards of research and a truly global outlook.  

Doctorate Urban Affairs and Public Policy degree program brochureWe invite applications from students who have completed master's level programs in urban affairs, public policy, public administration, planning, or a related field of social science or professional practice.  We place a premium on applicants who have been active in their field and demonstrate a desire to create and use knowledge to inform action. 

Admission to the Ph.D. program is competitive and we limit the number of students admitted to ensure that each student has access to the full resources and benefits of the program. Full-time Ph.D. students are eligible for funding through a research or teaching assistantship for up to four years pending academic progress and the availability of resources. A research or teaching assistantship provides a nine-month stipend for work of up to 20 hours a week, and also provides a full graduate tuition scholarship.

Download the Ph.D. Urban Affairs and Public Policy program brochure.