M.S. in Disaster Science and Management

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Program Description

The M.S. in Disaster Science and Management program at the University of Delaware  approaches disasters from an interdisciplinary point of view. The program emphasizes theories, research methodologies, and policies related to emergency preparedness, mitigation, management and response. Two options are offered – a non-thesis M.S. and an M.S. with thesis. The non-thesis M.S. is considered to be a terminal degree. Students interested in research or continuing for a PhD should consider the thesis option.

Download the M.S .in Disaster Science and Management brochure. Master of Science Disaster Science and Management graduate degree program brochure

Program Policy Statement

The Program Policy Statement documents the policies and procedures for the graduate program in Disaster Science and Management.

Program Administration

Degrees are awarded by the School of Public Policy and Administration. Admissions, curriculum and other administative matters are handled by the Disaster Science and Management Program Director and the Program Committee.

Curriculum and Requirements

Students must complete 30 credits of course work. The non-thesis masters includes three core courses, one analysis course, one public policy and organizational decision making course, seminar, internship and electives. The master's with thesis follows the same core curriculum but with 6 credits of thesis, one additional analysis course and fewer electives.

How do I decide between the thesis and non-thesis option?

The thesis option is intended for students more focused on research. The following table summarizes the difference between the two degrees.


MS with Thesis Option
MS Non-Thesis Option
6 credits
0 Credits
Practicum/ Internship
1 credit
4 credits
Research Methods
6 credits
3 credits
3 credits
9 credits
Relationship to PhD
Terminal Degree