Majoring in Public Policy



What is Public Policy?    

Public Policy is how communities address their complex challenges in such areas as health, education, housing, energy, poverty, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Public Policy is the product of choices made by governments that drive public investments, create rules and sanctions, establish services and security, guide and regulate markets and businesses, or allocate benefits and costs to citizens. Public Policy changes the world.

Areas of Emphasis

Public Policy majors learn how to formulate, evaluate, and promote policy options that can make a difference in their cities, nation, and the world.  The Public Policy major draws from many disciplines, including law, economics, political science, sociology, history, urban studies, geography, and environmental studies.  Students learn about the public policy process and also develop substantive knowledge in policy areas such as health, education, and the environment.

What's Special About the Program?

The Public Policy major is in the School of Public Policy and Administration that has offered nationally ranked and internationally recognized graduate programs for 40 years.  Now those learning opportunities are available to UD undergraduates.  The distinctive Delaware model of public policy education integrates academic excellence with professional experience by enabling students to work side-by side with faculty and professionals to apply learning from their classrooms to the actual policy challenges of communites and organizations.
Our faculty includes accomplished interdisciplinary scholars and teachers who also have extensive experience working with government, nonprofit community organizations and the commercial sector.

Facilities, Resources, and Opportunities for Experience

Public Policy students have access to learning opportunities and resources usually available only to graduate students.  Public Policy students may be selected as Democracy Scholars and participate in a faculty-led dialogue on contemporary policy issues with government, community, and business leaders.

Career Paths

Public Policy students gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in government and community non-profit institutions.  Entry-level jobs in these institutions are projected to increase over the next decade; these include jobs as researchers, advocates, political aides, agency professional staff, and program administrators.  Graduates work around the world as analysts, decision-makers, and leaders in community development, evironmental protection, health administration, city management, and in positions influencing virtually every area of policy and every level government.